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Cusco – Perú

This is a Mindful Travel experience certified by placeOK Mindful Travel & Studio:


You will have a Forest Bathing Certified Guide at your disposal:



In Club de Vacaciones, we want to contribute to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our travelers. We strongly believe that we can build a better world this way. A world where we use trips as a tool for personal and professional growth and development. This is the reason why we have designed this unique experience, “Forest Bathing in Qenqo”, which combines cultural, culinary and well-being activities. Our approach is to enjoy the trip in a conscious way, connecting with nature and thus being able to disconnect from the chaotic pace of everyday life, leaving stress and anxiety behind.
During this experience, we hope that you can reacquaint with yourself and your life purpose, travel to a new destination interacting with the local population to learn from them and enjoy serval well-being activities.
Come one, let’s take a journey inward, while we travel to Cusco, Peru


Cusco is a great place to know Peru from a deep and historical point of view, while allowing us to experience several well-being activities.
Our ancestors showed wisdom when living in harmony with nature, obtaining its benefits while showing respect and providing protection to it.
In our mindful experience, we travel around Cusco with mindfulness, enjoying it with our five senses.
Additionally, we will have a special activity in the Archaeological Site of Qenqo and its stunning Eucalyptus Forest, located only 4 km away from Cusco.
Ceremonial center where the Incas worshipped the sun, the moon, and the pachamama. Suitable setting to reconnect with mother nature through an unforgettable forest bathing experience.


Forest Bathing is a nature-based, well-being practice that improves the natural ability to adapt to the change in a more positive and healthy way, supporting a better quality of life.
It is a slow, immersive walk into the untraveled forest with your five senses, accompanied by a Forest Bathing certified guide.
There are multiple benefits to this practice, and they are all documented, including: strengthening of the immune system, as well as decreasing negative emotions, anxiety, stress levels, blood pressure and heart attack rate.

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